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Our client, a leading enterprise company, is recruiting an experienced IT officer to lead their technological initiatives and enhance the efficiency of their operations. The ideal candidate will analyze current systems, recommend and implement solutions, conduct upgrades, and provide training. The IT Officer will play a pivotal role in ensuring the day-to-day efficiency of our operations and contributing to the long-term growth of the organization.

As the IT Officer, you will have an immediate impact on the day-to-day efficiency of our operations and a long-term impact on our overall growth.


  • Regularly inspect and maintain networking devices such as routers, switches, PBX, and VOIP systems and maintain backup to ensure business continuity
  • Utilise network monitoring software, including Dude, to proactively identify and address potential issues
  • Install, configure, and optimise VPN setups for secure remote access
  • Provide prompt and effective IT support for laptop and Microsip-related issues
  • Utilise remote support tools like Anydesk for efficient virtual troubleshooting
  • Address and troubleshoot VOIP-related issues to ensure uninterrupted communication
  • Install and configure operating systems on new laptops
  • Develop and implement Bash scripts for server monitoring to ensure optimal performance
  • Implement and manage restrictions on accessing non-work-related websites to enhance productivity and network security
  • Deploy and manage applications on user devices
  • Conduct routine maintenance on laptops, headsets, mice, and other peripherals
  • Manage cabling, including the installation and maintenance of Ethernet cables
  • Source and maintain positive relationships with service providers for efficient support and delivery
  • Collaborate with VOIP service providers to optimize call quality and troubleshoot connectivity issues
  • Ensure proper functioning of VOIP systems, including addressing call quality and connectivity concerns
  • Ensure SIM cards are registered, adequately loaded with airtime, and not blocked.
  • Conduct regular stocktaking of peripherals, assessing the need for new purchases or repairs
  • Allocate laptops and peripherals to new employees and handle returns during employee departures
  • Provide comprehensive reports to management, detailing network health, support issues, and inventory status


  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in Information Technology or computer science.

More Details on Experience

  • 2 years of experience in IT operations.
  • Hands-on experience with computer networks, network administration, and installation.
  • Knowledge of VOIP systems, current equipment and technologies, enterprise backup and recovery procedures, and systems performance monitoring.

More Details on Skills

  • Strong creative and analytical thinking.

Terms And Conditions

All applications should be sent to [email protected] by 26th Feb 2024