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  • The incumbent will have the vision, expertise and experience that will lead the school, build on its outstanding quality and reputation, and continue to develop its leadership and national standing.
  • Reporting to the Board of Directors, the incumbent will serve as the team leader of the school and implement the educational objectives of the institution so as to yield the highest standards of student achievement and academic excellence.
  • The incumbent will also provide effective instructional leadership and build constructive relationships with parents and other education stakeholders.
  • Enforce the school values, discipline and create a Christian-based school culture.


    • To manage day to day running of the upper school (Grade 4-Grade 9) and coordinating the provision of a caring, safe, secure and stimulating learning environment
    • Managing a team, working with the board of directors to ensure policies and procedures are implemented at all times
    • To ensure growth of the school by coming up, in partnership with the board of directors, with a long term strategic plan and to ensure implementation of the same.
    • To ensure delivery of service to clients to international standards
    • Be the face of the school and ensure client recruitment and student retention
    • Act as representative of the Board and the school in interacting with the general public, governmental agencies and other external stakeholders.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage and run the Upper School (Grade 4-9).
  • Adhere to the mission, core values and goals of Brainston School.
  • Maintain an appropriate education philosophy through professional leadership, counselling and motivational expertise which secures the institutions success so as to attain the ultimate education goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Formulate overall aims and objectives for the school and policies for their implementation
  • Responsible for all areas of curriculum and instruction by shaping a vision of academic success for each learner.
  • Assess and identify capacity gaps in teaching and support staff and organize for training and development opportunities.
  • Setting the school calendar of events, both within the MOE calendar and outside the same.
  • Ensure the school calendar incorporates parent forums, seminars and other activities that would enhance parental engagement
  • Prepare and supervise the preparation of reports, records, surveys, and other paperwork appropriate for the effective administration of the school.
  • Ensure the school is up-to-date with innovations, from teaching practices to new technologies, as well as develop creative and responsive approaches to teaching and learning
  • Assume responsibility for other legal matters in the day-to-day running of the school as concerns the ministry of education.
  • Provide leadership in guiding the various co-curricular activities and school based events and external activities including school trips, competitions among others.
  • Maintain high standards of student & staff behavior/discipline and apply appropriate behavior modification interventions when required.
  • Build a strong and cohesive culture supported by effective, consistent systems and structures.
  • Grow the leadership engine through coaching and providing the middle management team with greater leadership responsibilities.
  • Set targets and goals for school staff through a participative process and develop strategies that will enable them to achieve these objectives.
  • Continually evaluate existing progress and practices, and curriculum content to ensure they are met satisfactorily.
  • Participate in the recruitment and evaluation of the school’s academic staff in liaison with the HR department or acting directors.
  • Build effective relationships with parents, education partners and external stakeholders through effective communication to allow for appropriate and timely sharing of information.
  • Meeting with other education professionals, and representing the school at conferences and other events outside the school in the local community and nationwide.
  • Participate and maintain a strong and positive PTA within the school
  • Keep the Board up to date on all the operational aspects of the upper school.
  • Conduct periodic faculty evaluations and performance reviews.
  • Handle authorized emergency and safety procedures.
  • Oversight:
  • Review teachers' lesson plans, schedules, classroom arrangements and portfolio assessments to assure their accordance with requirements
  • Deliver pre-service and monthly in-service training sessions to teaching staff
  • Identify and prioritize materials and equipment needed in classrooms and playgrounds, and coordinate with directors in making purchases
  • Coordinate the transition of students into the school program.

Supervised by: Board of Directors & Managing Directors


  • Bachelor’s Degree in education or related field

More Details on Experience

  • Minimum of 3 years’ management experience from a high performing educational institution
  • Registered by TSC

More Details on Skills

  • Excellent IT, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience in managing a multi-cultural group of students and staff
  • Self-motivated, energetic person

Terms And Conditions

All applications are to be submitted through the email below by 23rd April 2024.

[email protected]