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Send A Cow Kenya Kenya


Send a Cow (SAC) was established in 1988, and now works in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia & Zambia. SAC’s mission is to give communities and families the hope and means to secure their own futures from the land. Our approach to agriculture centers on ‘farming for nutrition’ ensuring that food is grown primarily to feed the family. Sac’s approach of integrating farm systems, gender & social inclusion and enterprise development, has delivered significant impact on food and nutrition security, and income, improved environment, and social equity for vulnerable families. IDEAL is a cross boarder research project between Uganda and Kenya with funding from Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance BHA -USAID. It seeks to fill the knowledge gaps around how resourcing, capacity, motivation, and institutional linkages can be mobilized to sustain and incentivize effective community-level service delivery models, such as PFT/VFT, after donor funded projects are completed.


Send a Cow wishes is seeking to engage a qualified consultant to undertake a one-year research as detailed in the Terms of reference (ToR) available at //


Terms And Conditions

If you are a Firm or independent consultant(s) and meet the requirements do apply. Send your Technical and financial proposals to [email protected] with the subject: IDEAL PIA RESEARH.

Applications deadline is Sunday 27th September 2021 at 5:00PM. Be advised any form of lobbying will lead to automatic disqualification.