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Baseline Survey on Trauma among Peace Actors in South Sudan (Consultant)




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Recruiter: American Friends Service Committee Updated on: 2019-11-21 16:50:30
Contract Temporary
Location: Nairobi Available: ASAP
Category: Baseline Survey on Trauma among Peace Actors in South Sudan Offer: Competitive



Do you have a strong background in conducting baseline surveys? Are you knowledgeable in South Sudan contextual information? American Friends Services Committee is looking for you!

Minimum Requirements

Experience and Education level


Job Specification

Africa Regional Office

Terms of Reference

Baseline Survey on Trauma among Peace Actors in South Sudan

  1. Background:

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is a 100 year old Quaker organization that promotes lasting peace with social, justice as a practical expression of faith in action. AFSC, on behalf of Friends all over the world was the recipient of the 1947 Nobel Peace Prize. AFSC’s work in Africa includes promoting active non-violence through inspiring young people to drive change and taking away the occasion of war. It supports to lay the groundwork for long-term peace with justice with an approach that involves healing from the trauma of violence, developing self-employment skills and rebuilding a sense of community.

 At the core of AFSC’s work is promotion of the notion of shared security, a state in which people, communities, and countries derive their sense of security from mutual well-being, just policies, and a shared commitment to resolving problems peacefully.

In June 2018 AFSC in partnership with Bread for the World Horn of Africa Regional Office, facilitated a Dialogue and Exchange Program to explore the gaps in trauma healing that peace actors experience in South Sudan (SS).

The workshop confirmed the need for support in secondary trauma healing for peace builders in South Sudan.,  With support from Bread for the World, effective October 2019, AFSC is piloting a two year trauma healing project for peace builders in South Sudan. In order to better understand the current status around trauma for peace builders, AFSC  would like to commission a baseline study prior to implementation .

1.1 About South Sudan

South Sudan is the world’s youngest nation and the least developed due to protracted civil war. It is divided along ethnic lines, with over 1.9 million people living as refugees or IDPs out of approximately 15 million people. The war-weary population is heavily traumatized and this might have also extended to the peace actors. The Addis Ababa Peace Accord, intended to pave the way to a permanent ceasefire, transitional government formation, drafting new constitution and fresh elections, did not hold. Another peace agreement was signed in July 2018 in Khartoum Sudan, seeking to address peace in this country. As such, there is an urgent need to rethink and reenergize peacebuilding in different areas targeting peace actors in trauma healing (healing the healer). These actors include organizations in peace building, (CBOs, NGOs, INGOs, Religious organizations, among others.

Dialogue and Exchange program in Nairobi, June 2018

During a Dialogue and Exchange Program (DEP) workshop in Nairobi, the  major challenges observed,: included

The Peace Builders have not been receiving adequate support in their work. A key area of concern is in trauma preparedness and healing. A few religious organizations currently support trauma healing work, which remains inadequate..

It was also established that there is limited coordination among peace builders and it was not difficult to establish the approximate numbers of those who have received support previously.  It was also established that there are a number of institutions that are currently offering support services to Peace Builders, however, such institutions, were not well capacitated in terms of quality, range of services and geographical spread.

Through the baseline AFSC, will establish the current status and capacity for trauma healing for peace builders. This  will inform the strategy for institutional strengthening and capacity building in the project pilotphase.

2. The Consultancy

Through this Call for Consultancy, AFSC aims to procure a consultant to conduct a rapid baseline assessment on the different levels of trauma and support available  for peace builders  in South Sudan

2.1 Purpose of the Consultancy

To conduct a rapid baseline to gather data on levels of trauma and the gaps in the support mechanism available for peacebuilders;; support currently available initiatives thast support trauma healing for peace actors South Sudan, including data on organizations that are currently undertaking trauma healing work), type of support , gaps in support, qualification of the practitioners, area covered, coordination of trauma healing work, tools used, policy and recommendations on the best approaches. Document the current actors on trauma healing for purpose of networking. The rapid baseline assessment will take place in Juba.

2.0 Scope of work

The assignment is (2.1): Specifically it will address the following:

The consultant will be expected to read the DEP reports and proposal from AFSC before the embarking on the exercise. It is hoped that the organizations that were represented during  the DEP will form the core of the baseline data collection.  The consultant will however be at liberty to us, snow balling to reach out to more organizations in this field for purpose of ensuring a comprehensive baseline. This study will be mostly qualitative with some extent of quantitative data required. The consultant will work with identified organisations  whose contacts will be provided by AFSC, and in addition add two or more organisations in Juba for a comparative analysis. These should not be more than 11 organizations

The baseline will include development of the relevant tools for carrying out the rapid baseline by the consultant. These will consist of interview questionnaires for key informants, FGD with a sample of community members,  observations, interview schedules for staff in the partner organisations and any other tools to collect the information. It is envisaged that this will work to build stronger support for the key arguments around: (1) What are the main gaps in trauma healing to add to the few identified during the DEP 2) Who are the main actors? (2) The resilience levels of peace builders to trauma. How would peace actors define this and what can make them resilient to trauma? (3) What networks that support trauma healing work exist? What are the gaps? (4) What policies are in place – including work place based policies in the organizations 5) What are the main challenges in trauma healing 5) What are some of the best practice?

The consultant will be housed and work closely with a peace building organization identified by AFSC (Most likely South Sudan Council of Churches) in South Sudan, based in Juba to undertake the rapid survey.

3.0 Support during the assignment

AFSC will provide all the necessary background documents prior to the commencement of the consultancy. This will include:

  1. Reports from DEP.
  2. Proposal for the pilot phase and any other relevant documents.
  3. Initial partner assessment forms.
  4. Names of the organizations to be visited.
  5. Prompt feedback on all deliverables, generally providing written feedback within one week of receipt.
  6. Flight to and from South Sudan where applicable plus other logistical support.
  7. AFSC will pay for accommodation and food at an agreed rate before the assignment and the consultant is expected to account for these with acceptable receipts. This will be for transport within Juba, airport transfers, meetings with participants and accommodation. 

3.1 Period of the Rapid Baseline

This will begin in Early January 2019 with all deliverables to be submitted by January 2020

  1. Deliverables

The following are the deliverables:

5.0 Experience and Education level

6.0 Tentative Activity Timelines





Expected Date



Send out the TOR




Response to TOR




Interview Consultant




Contract signing


Consultant and AFSC


A project inception document, offering an outline of the literature review, preliminary thinking on how to conduct the baseline,  tools development for field interviews


Regional Director/Consultant


Field Study




Writing report (initial)

January 2020



Feedback from AFSC and Final Report

January 2020

Consultant and AFSC

The baseline should take not more than 15 days in total including field work.

7.0Expression of interest

Consultants who meet the above requirements should submit their proposal, which should include the following:

  1. A capability statement (not exceeding one page), including a firm commitment to be available to undertake the entire assignment
  2. Consultancy’s profile/Curriculum Vitae
  3. Technical and Financial proposal

8.0  Reporting and Intellectual Property

  1. The consultant will report to the Regional Director, Africa of the AFSC, [email protected], who will be responsible for making decisions on the report, feedback on all deliverables and for managing this project. He will be supported by the Quaker International Affairs Representative Africa, QIAR.
  2. In the event of delay in any of the deliverables, the consultant shall notify AFSC at least one week in advance. Unless in the case of force majeure, or where the delay is a cause of AFSC’s failure to provide timely feedback to research outputs or questions raised by the researcher, delay in excess of 10 days for any deliverables cannot be tolerated. AFSC reserves the right to reduce the amount of compensation in the event of extended delays in excess of 15 days.
  3. The AFSC will own all intellectual property developed under this TOR. Any papers published shall feature the AFSC logo and be branded as AFSC publications.

9.0  Payment

A first Payment of 40% will be made upon submission of the project inception document

A second Payment of 40% will be made upon submission of the draft report.

The third Payment 20% will be made at the completion of the project in January

Please send your financial and technical proposal to [email protected] by 25th November 2019 for the consultancy.


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Baseline Survey on Trauma among Peace Actors in South Sudan (Consultant)