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USPSC Program Advisor - Site Improvement through Monitoring System (SIMS)




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Recruiter: USAID Kenya Updated on: 2018-03-27 02:10:02
Contract Temporary
Location: Nairobi Available: Immediately
Category: Health and Population
Monitoring and Evaluation
Program / Project Management
Offer: $74,584 to $96,958 equivalent to GS-13



The SIMS Program Advisor serves as one of the key technical advisors to the HPN Office Chief and Team Leaders (HIV/AIDS, Strategic Information (SI), Family Health (FH), and Health Systems) in the management of strategic information for continuous quality improvement of HIV care through SIMS.

Minimum Requirements

Applicants are required to be a U.S. Citizen residing in Kenya in order to be considered.  No relocation benefits apply. This position is a Local Hire U.S PSC and receives only the limited benefits specified below.  Any contract offered under this solicitation will not offer benefits that are available to Offshore Hire U.S PSC.
• Education: Must possess a graduate degree in public health, demography, epidemiology, computer science, social sciences, or health care development related field.
• Professional Experience: A minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience related to the position description, including at least two years’ experience working as a monitoring and evaluation officer in methods and use of data for service strengthening health projects/programs, with a focus on HIV is required.  
• Job Knowledge: Demonstrated knowledge of PEPFAR funded HIV/AIDS public health programs in Africa is required. Experience in coordinating and conducting SIMS visits, analyzing and disseminating results is preferred.  Demonstrated experience working with other technical experts in quality assurance, and national level technical working groups is preferred.
• Skills & Abilities: Proficiency in MS Office, (Word, Excel, Access) is required; knowledge of statistical software packages (SAS, SPSS and STATA) preferred.  Demonstrated capacity to oversee development/implementation of work plans, budget, reports and presentations is required Excellent interpersonal, teamwork, communications (verbal and written), and mentoring skills is required. Ability to obtain and maintain medical and security clearance is required.


Job Specification

1. SOLICITATION NO.: Mission Notice 18-41
2. ISSUANCE DATE: 3/6/2018
3. CLOSING DATE/TIME: 3/26/2018  at 4:30 p.m. (Nairobi Time)
4. POSITION TITLE: Program Advisor - Site Improvement through Monitoring System  (SIMS)
5. MARKET VALUE: $74,584 to $96,958 equivalent to GS-13
Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value.
6. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Not to exceed Nine (9) Months
7. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Nairobi, Kenya with possible travel as stated in the Statement of Work.
8. SECURITY LEVEL REQUIRED: USAID/W issued clearance level at the Facilities/Computer Access Only
USAID/Kenya and East Africa (KEA) invests in population and health programs at national and county levels that aim to improve the survival, well-being and productivity of the Kenyan population by reducing the burden of major infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, and addressing the main causes of maternal and child illness and deaths.  This includes cross-cutting work to strengthen healthcare systems and build capacity, and to support the national government to formulate key policies and guidelines while assisting counties to better plan, manage and finance quality health services to meet local needs.  
The Health Population and Nutrition (HPN) office is USAID/ KEA’s largest office, managing a portfolio valued at over $400 million annually.  The office receives funding from a number of U.S. Presidential Initiatives, including the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), Feed the Future (FtF) as well as other USAID health funds for family planning, maternal newborn and child health, nutrition, water sanitation and hygiene.  The Mission has a Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) with the goal “Kenya’s governance and economy sustainably transformed.”  The Health Population and Nutrition Office portfolio contributes to this strategic goal by primarily contributing to the CDCS Development Objective (DO) 2 “Health and Human capacity strengthened.”
The SIMS Program Advisor serves as one of the key technical advisors to the HPN Office Chief and Team Leaders (HIV/AIDS, Strategic Information (SI), Family Health (FH), and Health Systems) in the management of strategic information for continuous quality improvement of HIV care through SIMS. SIMS is used to increase the impact of PEPFAR by introducing a standardized approach to monitoring for program quality and performance at supported sites (e.g., health facility, community, etc.) and entities that guide and direct service delivery (e.g., Ministry of Health (MOH), Implementing Partners, University, County Health Management Team, etc.).
Duties and Responsibilities
The USAID SIMS Program Advisor will be responsible for establishing a system and building staff capacity to collect and use strategic information for performance tracking, program management, and learning. The USAID SIMS Program Advisor works closely with the Deputy HIV Team Lead, or designate, and Technical Officers (Prevention, Care and Support, Treatment, Health Systems Strengthening, and Strategic Information) as well as Assistance/Contract Officer’s Representatives (AOR/CORs) to guide and support SIMS activities at PEPFAR supported program sites. The USAID SIMS Program Advisor works to ensure that the SIMS effort provides decision-makers with accurate, practical, and useful information (both quantitative and qualitative) in a consistent, timely, and cost-effective manner. 
The USAID SIMS Program Advisor will be based at the USAID Kenya offices, reporting to the Deputy HIV Team Leader, and working with interagency SIMS representatives, technical officers, and an HPN/HIV Program Management Assistant. This is accomplished through monitoring and improving the quality of service delivery at the site and above-site levels on key program elements. S/he provides technical expertise to improve the quality of HIV/AIDS services that PEPFAR Kenya is providing in collaboration with the MOH. Additionally, s/he will support USAID Kenya in the assurance of service quality through review of service delivery activities. 
Specific Duties: S/he will have the following specific duties
Technical Leadership (35%)
• Represent USAID/KEA in interagency SIMS working groups, conference calls, and other fora.
• Compile and organize performance indicators, baseline data, targets, and a plan to evaluate performance and produce timely, accurate, and complete reporting.
• Work with the Deputy HIV Team Lead, or designate, to ensure timely submission of data from partners and from AOR/CORs.
• Oversee the use of program databases to track and report on SIMS indicators.
• Document and present program results and lessons learned to USAID and other key stakeholders.
• Ensure that all data collection adheres to international and host-country ethical standards.
• Ensure that SIMS data is captured, documented, and reported to properly demonstrate the impact of PEPFAR to strengthen relevant national, county, and sub-county level systems.
• Analyze monthly data and support training of SIMS enumerators in quality assurance methods.
• Identify best practices and provide recommendations on the use of SIMS data in PEPFAR programming.
Program Management (35%)
• Establish system to coordinate the overall portfolio of SIMS-related activities, ensuring the effective use of human and knowledge resources for data collection, analysis, and data use.
• Contribute to the design, through consultation, and implement a SIMS action planner and travel calendars to collect and use strategic information for USAID/Kenya inclusive of facility, community and above site visits. 
• Support PEPFAR data collection, analysis, reporting and quality improvement needs through the use of the SIMS tools (est. 25% travel)
• Work with program staff and stakeholders to develop appropriate objectives, indicators, and tools to measure effects of PEPFAR interventions and identify ways to provide local feedback of results.
• Identify and provide ongoing capacity building to staff in various aspects of SIMS.
Data Management/Analysis (30%)
• Provides temporary support to the HIV team on the use of relevant data management systems (databases) such as PEPFAR’s DATIM, and serves as the point of contact responding to data needs required during the PEPFAR Country Operational Plan (COP), PEPFAR Oversight and Accountability Review Team (POART) calls, APRs, and other PEPFAR related requests for SI data and analysis.  
• Leads the HIV Teams SI response, and the production of data required for the FY 2018 COP.
• Supports the HIV team in improving how they incorporate data into programming, including guiding the formulation of targets and assessing targets over time.
Position Elements
1) Supervisory Controls: Work will be performed under the direct supervision of the Deputy HIV Team Leader. Substantial interaction and direction from the HPN Chief, Deputy HPN Chief, SI Team Leader, and PEPFAR Coordinator is anticipated. 
2) Supervision Exercised: The incumbent will not have direct supervisory responsibility over technical staff, but will have general supervision of the SIMS planning and implementation process.
3) Available Guidelines/Level of Resources Allocated:  Guidelines include Agency regulations, ADS Series, USAID/USG strategy documents, Mission Orders, Automated Directive System (ADS), and the Foreign Affairs Handbook (FAR), PEPFAR guidelines, and other USAID or USG policies.  The incumbent must be able to use excellent judgment and the ability to deal with ambiguity at all levels.
4) Exercise of Judgment: A high degree of independent judgement will be required to provide guidance, assistance, and coordination to a wide variety of professionals on the HIV team in areas such as implementation of an essential PEPFAR site-level monitoring tool.  The incumbent will have the autonomy to make decisions within PEFPAR guidance for SIMS, and within the general oversight of the Deputy HIV Team.  Decisions that must be made involve uncertainty in approach, methodology, interpretation and evaluating processes in applying the PEPFAR SIMS guidance to implementation, and resolve problems that arise. The incumbent independently plans, designs, coordinates, and carries out activities for self and other professional staff to attain expected results.
5) Authority to Make Commitments: As a personal services contract position, the incumbent cannot make financial commitments on behalf of the U.S. Government. 
6) Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts: The incumbent will maintain contacts and work with USAID staff in USAID/Kenya and East Africa, with interaction with USAID/Washington Global Health staff, Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator, and others to provide policy and procedural guidance and to obtain information relative to programs and activities. Official contacts will be the USAID Mission Director, USAID/Washington technical staff, PEPFAR Coordinator for Kenya, and other high-ranking USG representatives.
7) Travel Requirements: At least 25% of time to PEPFAR funded sites outside of Nairobi to conduct and oversee SIMS visits.
8) Support Items: The incumbent will be provided with the support services, equipment, and supplies necessary to perform work outlined in the statement of duties.
9) Sunday Pay: Is not authorized.
U.S. Citizens currently residing in Kenya
• Submit a complete application as outlined in the solicitation section titled APPLYING;
• Be able to obtain a USAID/W issued clearance level at the Facilities/Computer Access Only;
• Be able to obtain a medical clearance;
• Be willing to travel to work sites at least 25% of the time;
• Employment is subject to funds availability and all the required approvals obtained.
11. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The primary location of work will be on the U.S. Embassy/USAID compound in Nairobi, Kenya. No special demands are required to perform the work.
12. POINT OF CONTACT: Executive Office/Human Resources, Patrick Bii, HR Assistant, email at [email protected]
The factors listed below will be the basis for evaluating and ranking applicants who meet Required Qualifications and Selection Criteria for the position.  All applicants are scored based on the documentation submitted with the application.  Applicants are encouraged to write a brief appendix to demonstrate how prior experience and/or training address the following Evaluation Factors.
Candidates that do not meet minimum education requirements will not be considered. References will be conducted by phone and email after the completion of the interview process to verify the candidate’s suitability for the position per the statement of duties and eligibility requirements.
• Education (5 points)
• Prior Work Experience (30 points)
• Job Knowledge (40 Points)
• Skills & Abilities (25 points)
• Total Points (100)
Step 1: Register in MyJobsInKenya at
Interested applicants are required to submit the following: 
(1) Form AID-302-3: Applicants are required to complete sections A through I. This form must be physically signed. Electronic signatures will not be accepted. This form is available at
(2) An up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV) or resume and a cover letter explaining your qualifications for the position and include three (3) to five (5) references, who are not family members or relatives, with working telephone and    e-mail contacts.  Your CV/resume must contain sufficient relevant information to evaluate the application in accordance with the stated evaluation criteria. The references must be able to provide substantive information about your past performance and abilities.
(3) Offers must be received by the closing date and time specified above.
(4) To ensure consideration of offers for the intended position, Offerors must prominently reference the Solicitation number in the offer submission.
Step 3: All applicants: Attach a cover letter, updated curriculum vitae/resume (no more than five pages), AID 302-3 and copies of all relevant certificates. Scan and attach all the documents as one attachment. Note: All applications MUST be submitted online. Incomplete application packages will not be considered.


Once the CO informs the successful Offeror about being selected for a contract award, the CO will provide the successful Offeror instructions about how to complete and submit the following forms.

  • Medical History and Examination (DS 6561)
  • Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions (SF-85)
  • Fingerprint card


As a matter of policy, and as appropriate, a Local Hire PSC is normally authorized the following benefits and allowances:

  1. Employer’s FICA Contribution
  2. Contribution toward Health and Life Insurance
  3. Pay Comparability Adjustment
  4. Eligibility for Worker’s Compensation
  5. Annual and Sick Leave
  6. Annual Increase (pending a satisfactory performance evaluation)

This position is a Local Hire U.S PSC and receives only the limited benefits specified above.  Any contract offered under this solicitation will not offer benefits that are available to Offshore Hire U.S PSC.  Benefits that the successful candidate will not receive include, but are not limited to:

  1. Access to Embassy medical facilities, Cash Checking, AEA Commissary Access, Pouch Mail Service (DPO/APO)
  2. Cost of Travel to and from Post;
  3. Shipment and storage of UAB and HHE;
  4. Shipment of POV (Private Own Vehicle);
  5. R&R and Home Leave Travel; and
  6. Housing



Local Hire U.S PSC will not be eligible for allowances listed in the Standardized Regulations Government Civilian Foreign Areas Sections cited below – (if applicable, as found in the Standardize Regulations (DSSR) - sections cited below):

  1. Temporary Lodging Allowance (Section 120)
  2. Living quarters allowance (Section 130)
  3. Cost of living Allowance (Chapter 210)
  4. Post Allowance (Section 220)
  5. Supplemental Post Allowance (Section 230)
  6. Separate Maintenance Allowance (Section 260)
  7. Education allowance (Section 270)
  8. Educational Travel (Section 280)
  9. Post differential (Chapter 500)
  10. Payments during Evacuation/authorized Departure (Section 600)
  11. Danger Pay (Section 650)



USPSCs are required to pay Federal income taxes, FICA, Medicare and applicable State Income taxes.



USAID regulations and policies governing USPSC awards are available at these sources:

  1. AIDAR:  The Agency for International Development Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR) Appendix D – “Direct USAID Contracts with U.S. Citizens or U.S. Resident Alien for Personal Services Abroad,” including contract clauses “General Provisions,” found at:
  2. Contract Cover page form AID 309-1 available at
  3. Acquisition and Assistance Policy Directives/Contract Information Bulletins (AAPDs/CIBs):  AAPDs/CIBs for Personal Services Contracts with Individuals available at
  4. Ethical Conduct. By the acceptance of a USAID personal services contract as an individual, the contractor will be acknowledging receipt of the “Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch,” available from the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, in accordance with General Provision 2 and 5 CFR 2635. See
Please note this advert has expired and you can not apply for it any longer.


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