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Documentation and Strategic Communications Consultant Inter-Agency Report 2018




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Recruiter: Management Systems International Updated on: 2019-03-29 02:10:01
Contract Permanent
Location: Nairobi Available: ASAP



Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Reports to: Chief of Party, MSI Kenya and East Africa DOC Support Project

Minimum Requirements

Consultant qualifications, skills, and competencies

The selected Consultant will have:

  1. A degree in international development, communications, journalism, public policy, social sciences or any relevant field.
  2. At least 15 years’ demonstrated experience in strategic communications work with hands-on relevant experience in Kenya and East Africa.
  3. Demonstrated awareness and knowledge of the local and regional economic and business climate as well as the Kenyan and East African development landscape.
  4. High-level experience in collating and curating content to deliver superior knowledge products.
  5. A high level of professionalism as well as significant experience interacting with senior development sector executives in multi-cultural settings.
  6. Strong interpersonal skills, team player, self-motivated and results-driven, with the ability to effectively build and manage rapport with diverse sources.
  7. Strong ability to work independently and proactively with little day-to-day oversight, the ability to establish priorities and to plan, coordinate and monitor tasks, and proven ability to work reliably under tight deadlines.Exceptional writing, analytical and reporting skills, and meticulous attention to detail.
  8. Strong client focus and ability to maintain a high level of professionalism even under pressure.
  9. Excellent time management and willingness to work occasional long hours with some travel to the field is required.


Job Specification

Background and context

The United States government holds a critical position in a region experiencing growing public and private foreign investment and U.S. government (USG) initiatives. One of the top three largest in the world, the Mission comprises the Kenya, Somalia and East Africa units. The Nairobi Mission is comprosed of 31 USG agencies such as the U.S. Department of State, the Department of Defense, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and priority presidential initiatives such as the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), Feed the Future, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), and Power Africa.and associated initiatives.
Under a five-year engagement with one USG entitiy, USAID Kenya and East Africa, MSI provides flexible, on-demand public outreach and communications support to USAID/KEA’s Documentation, Outreach and Communications (DOC) team. By leveraging its deep experience in East Africa to emphasize the nexus between international development and strategic communications, MSI contributes to DOC’s efforts to enhance the visibility of USG development assistance in the region.

About the assignment
MSI is seeking the services of a seasoned Documentation and Strategic Communications Professional to conceptualize, coordinate, develop, and deliver a comprehensive and informative report of USG work in Kenya for Fiscal Year 2018. The report will highlight key initiatives of various USG agencies and summarize their impact.
The purpose of the report is to:

Scope of work

The Consultant will be responsible for conceptualizing, coordinating, developing, and delivering an attractive,
comprehensive and informative report of USG work in Kenya for Fiscal Year (Oct 1-Sept. 30) 2018. The key
steering committee for this activity will be the Interancy Strategic Communication Working Group that is chaired
by the Public Affairs Section (PAS) at the U.S. Embassy.
The Consultant will work closely with the working group through PAS to facilitate a process of developing the
first interagency annual report. The Consultant will need to regularly coordinate across multiple USG agencies,
gather written and visual content, select content to be re-purposed, provide excellent writing and editing of the
text, coordinate with a graphic designer, develop graphics to best demonstrate results, create an engaging and
the professional layout that will also appeal to audiences viewing digital versions, and track a full clearance of the

Specifically, the Consultant shall be responsible for executing the following tasks:

1. Provide a monthly update to the Interagency Communication Working Group on the progress. The meeting is usually scheduled on the second Thursday of the month from 1-2 PM. For access, the Consultant will need to confirm meeting time and place one week in advance and provide passport details.

2. Reviewing the relevant technical and communications documentation to extract information and key messages related to:

3. Coordinating closely with the interagency communication working group, through PAS and AOR/COR, and well as liaising with the various technical directors, USG agency point persons, IPs, and beneficiaries, among others, to glean critical information on the various initiatives ranging from context to milestones and results. Information to be gathered will include relevant photos from the various listed sources.

4. Proposing a rationalised structure for the report and developing a suitable architecture and outline for MSI approval. This will involve conceptualizing the flow of the report and making proposals for relevant additional content (including photographs and ready success stories), as well as a suitable presentation for visual appeal and readability, especially considering digital formats for the U.S. Embassy website.

5. Weaving a compelling narrative based on information gathered from the various listed sources and others. The narrative should comprehensively yet succinctly summarize USG development assistance for Fiscal Year 2018.

6. Crafting simple, yet informative section headings and sub-headings that promote the respective initiatives or accurately summarize their objectives.

7.Identifying and writing compelling data points to be emphasized during graphic design and layout

8. Working closely with a graphic designer to conceptualize and execute an appropriate, attractive layout and ensure the integration of all edits and changes.

9. Providing proper citation in the instance of references to contextual data, and complete photo credit and relevant captioning of selected photos.

10. Identifying and polishing supplementary content such as success stories and repurposing to include this content in the report.

11. Delivering a draft document for final review and edits and providing editorial clarifications as and where needed to facilitate a final document.

12.Coordinate and track the clearances especially through the interagency working groups

The assignment will involve a review of all the relevant documents, reports, and communications materials
including interagency presentation, interagency county brochures, U.S. Africa Strategy, Interagency Country
Strategy, draft folder, activity Performance Plans and Reports (PPRs), activity briefs and information materials
including online sources, and success stories for the period. The Consultant is also expected to hold discussions
with MSI, the relevant Mission staff, IPs, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders to clarify any emerging issues.

Key deliverables for this assignment shall include:

  1. An inception report detailing the Consultant’s understanding of the task and a work plan
  2. A proposed content outline of the inter-agency report, although a draft will be provided, this will need to be shared at each working group by Public Affairs and the consultant will need to ensure that the process stays on track.
  3. A proposed graphic layout of the inter-agency report in collaboration with a graphic designer to be shared at the working group and USAID office chief levels.
  4. First draft of the inter-agency report including written and visual content gleaned from document review and engagements for preliminary review and feedback by the technical people identified for clearance across the Mission.
  5. Work with each agency to plan how content gaps can be filled. Identify any key issues that need to be discussed and resolved across the interagency.
  6. Second draft of the inter-agency report for review, editing, and feedback that should include edits from the technical level people and include new content that was collected and provide notes for things that still are coming or need to be changed (such as a photo).
  7. Coordinate the list of people that need to review and provide inputs and follow up to ensure clearance which will include all USAID Office Chiefs, head of each agency and communication leads.
  8. Third version will have all previous edits to text and design for a near final version for Public Affairs Section to edit and share during the Country Team Meeting.
  9. Fourth version should have all edits from PAS and all agency heads. All content should be complete and any gaps filled or notes removed.
  10. Fifth version should be final clearance and any final edits. Followed by preparation of the final version that is high resolution and ready production.
  11. In addition to the high resolution and final clearance sheet to be provided to MSI, also provide a lower resolution (for web use) that is 508 compliant for U.S. Embassy website.
  12. Coordinate the interagency review of the Annual Report Distribution plan and gather any additional edits by people across the interagency.
  13. Draft a letter to be signed by the Ambassador to accompany the distribution of the reports.
  14. Create a draft social media toolkit that the interagency can use to promote the link to the report.
  15. Develop standard operating procedures for the steps and length of time required for each step for the entire development process.

Management and resources

The Consultant will report to the Chief of Party - MSI Kenya and East Africa DOC Support Project. The Consultant will need to be careful to also include the USAID AOR/COR this is the only person responsible for the costs related to this contract. No other USG person can authorize anything that might have financial implications, including additional days for this contract. MSI will cover the cost of the Consultant's professional fees and all other logistics (transport and accommodation as and where necessary) related to the assignment and based on explicit prior approval by MSI. The Consultant also gives his/her undertaking that the submitted report adheres to all rules of copyright.

Some in-country travel may be required.

Please note this advert has expired and you can not apply for it any longer.