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Commitment to Excellence

Who We Are….

Your choice regarding what you feel committed to, decides who you are and what you are

The Firm

Preferred Personnel Africa (PPA), is a professional human resource agency with over 15 years experience in the East African Market with a mission to provide holistic human resource solutions through a unique blend of experience, skills and working methods.

PPA is affiliated to the Service Quality Institute a US based customer service consulting firm, as well as having a working partnership with Resource Associates representing Thomas International and The Hay Group. To source for East African talent we partner with Q-Sourcing based in Uganda and for talent all over Africa, Europe and the United States, we also partner with Africsearch, headquartered in Paris, France. Through our International Division, Preferred Personnel International we manage projects in Africa, USA, Europe, Asia and in the Middle East.

Our Vision

To be a regional leader in delivering an integrated human resource service

Our Mission

To assist leading organizations realize their productivity objectives through the right people

Our Brand

PPA’s corporate brand identity rests on four core pillars – Progressive, Personal, Excellence and Vibrant. PPA’s name and identity conveys it’s continued Commitment to Excellence. Its employees are guided by the company’s core values namely; - People, Success, Partnership and Integrity.

  • People – “We value people and emphasize on good work ethics, moral fibre and sound character.
  • Success – We facilitate growth that affects the bottom-line through people.
  • Partnership - Our clients are part of our family. We are devoted to them and support them at all times, making that positive difference in people and businesses.
  • Integrity - We endeavour to be honest, forthright and open in all our associations

PPA’s Core Competence

Corporate Culture- Our People are highly motivated, professional and are a performance driven team. We partner with our clients in understanding their needs since our client’s individuality is their biggest asset, which ensures we lend unequaled personalized service. Our standards of excellence exude the passion we put into a project.

Partnerships- In line with our commitment to providing an excellent service, we partner with various professionals/consultants in the market, in order to provide quality expertise and profitable solutions for our clients.

Our Experience- Our experience in over fifteen years has given us the confidence to handle all kinds of assignments and is a key selling point for our organization.

  • Our unique combination of industry insight, high powered expertise enables us to analyse, optimise and transform this crucial part of your business.
  • While our culture-thought leadership encourages us to explore concepts and solutions, our strategic focus never varies; delivering competitive advantage for your business success.
  • There’s no substitute for hands on experience which is exactly what we will bring to our various assignments.

What we do….

Commitment transforms concepts into experience

Our Services

In a knowledge-based economy, people are an organizations greatest asset. Companies require an effective strategy to attract and retain the right people.

We therefore provide the following services, categorized into three broad categories.

  • Hiring Solutions
    • Recruitment

      We boast a very unique database of exceptional skills and competencies of human capital from varied disciplines with a strong network of business professionals from which we tap into.

    • Outsourcing

      Companies are increasingly focusing their efforts on their core business. We therefore offer strategic human resource functions that would have otherwise been handled by the internal staff.

    • The Outsource service

      We work very closely with experts in the various relevant fields to ensure that we provide the best service within the relevant legal framework.

The recruitment/outsourcing contract will provide a framework within which a partnership will function in terms of responsibilities and parameters of operation.

  • Legal compliance - Our legal advisors will ensure that all our contracts with the client and contractors are compliant with the relevant labour laws.
  • Insurances & Pension - We have insurance and pension experts who manage all our insurance/pension matters. The client is responsible for all insurance and benefit payments and in turn Preferred Personnel will manage in liaison with the HR Manager the various portfolios.
  • Payroll system - We use up to date payroll software to process our salary payments. We have confidence in the system having used it for the past five years. We get good support from the vendor in managing the software. We work with a financial consultant who is solely responsible for the payroll.
  • Taxes - We are responsible for all statutory deductions and remittances on behalf of the contractors. In addition, our auditors are Ex- Deloitte and will from time to time provide Tax efficiency advice to ensure that your organisation receives full benefits of being within the tax parameters.

Training Solutions

  • Preferred Pro-train addresses the training requirements of our clients and offer tailor-made training programmes which take into account each company’s unique line of business, corporate culture and image. We also leverage on the training expertise of Resource Associates.
  • Leadership Development Programmes. We partner with International Leadership Gurus who offer empowerment solutions for professionals, corporations as well as entrepreneurs who are committed to effectiveness and achieving sustainable levels of competence in their particular field. We endeavour to keep you abreast with the current on goings and latest developments from these gurus and invite you to their seminars.

HR Assessment Centres

Hiring mistakes can be very costly to any organisation. Recruitment of the right staff is quickly becoming a science. In addition to oral interviews, HR Assessments serve to provide an in depth assessment of the candidates' overall competence. We partner with Thomas International, (www.thomasinternational.net), a global provider of objective management systems and business assessment tools that help organizations recruit, retain, develop and train their people. In a nutshell, this partnership enables us to leverage the benefits the tool provides especially the Personal Profile Analysis which provides an insight into how people behave at work, and how they can increase productivity. It will help the Recruiting Manager answer questions such as – what are the strengths and limitations of a candidate, is the person a self-starter? How do they communicate and what motivates them?

Advertising Programme Many a time you will agree with us that you’ve been overwhelmed with job applications, when you advertise in the print media. This can tie up resources and be time consuming.

Our main objective in introducing this particular service is to release you to concentrate on your core services. We will;-

  • Advertise on your behalf at cost
  • Receive applications
  • Screen candidates and
  • Provide a shortlist for final interviews

How we package it…

Commitment is the love of doing – the love of turning mission into action

Our ‘Product’

In order to accommodate various levels of client needs, our service is designed for flexibility and customization, without compromising our quality service to any of our clients.

Our Benefits

We are a one stop human resources “shop”, where expertise on all aspects of human resources management is offered at less cost and time to organizations.


Commitment is the fire that drives us to express who we really are – and inspires us to mould others into what they could be.

Our Clients

We have successfully served a wide portfolio of organizations and the unique and solid relationships we have with each one, are a good measure of the service we provide.

Some of our clients include, but are not limited to:

  • o Coca-Cola East Africa
  • Microsoft East Africa
  • Google Kenya Limited
  • Nokia Siemens Networks (K) Limited
  • Nokia International OY
  • British American Tobacco (BAT)
  • Alcatel East Africa
  • CFC Stanbic
  • East African Breweries Limited
  • Citibank NA
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • Old Mutual Kenya Limited
  • Nation Media Group
  • Plan International (UK)
  • Coca Cola Sabco
  • University of Washington