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My Jobs In Kenya is an on-line recruitment portal focused on recruitment agents, corporates and job seekers alike. The single web-based facility provides anywhere, anytime access to online jobs and professional CVs a superior and easy-to-use search facility that we believe will add great value to both recruitment agents, corporate businesses and to job seekers careers.

My Jobs is owned by the Mauritius-based company, Africa Jobs Online, which is in turn owned by Irish-based Saongroup. Saongroup.com is one of the fastest growing online companies in the world with operations in Ireland, the UK, Europe, the USA, China, the Caribbean, India, South Africa and the Gulf region. It comprises a portfolio of successful recruitment websites, includingIrishJobs.ie. Nijobs.com, Jobs.ie, MyJobGroup.co.uk, JumpToJobs.co.uk, CaribbeanJobs.com, Jobs.Iu, Shjob.cn, Myjob.com.cn, Job1998.com, Job011.cn, HRM.cn, GoodJobs, Hbjobs, Jobo.com, RecruitGulf.com, Pnet.co.za, myJobsinPune.com, myhyderabadjobs.com, tecoloco.com, a growing Applicant Tracking Software business, Candidate Manager in the UK and North America - and online dating website MaybeFriends.com.

The main objective of Africa Jobs Online is to roll out its e-recruitment offering to African countries, starting with Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. Once these three territories are up and running, the company will be focusing its e-recruitment expertise via its specialised web portal in countries that include Tanzania, Namibia, Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Zambia Although the penetration of Internet in Africa is quite limited compared to the rest of the world, Africas telecommunications market is the fastest growing in the world making the adoption of Internet on a wider scale far more possible.

This is the reason for the roll-out of the My Jobs e-recruitment portals in a growing number of African countries. Despite being the fastest growing telecommunications market in the entire globe, measurable parameters such as the number of ISP-registered users, overall number of hosts, IPX traffic, and overall available bandwidth all indicate that Africa is way behind the "digital divide". One of the most pressing problems faced by Africa when it comes to the adoption of the Internet is that the overall available bandwidth is scarce. Most Internet traffic to or from Africa has to go through expensive satellite links, since cable connections are few and limited in capacity.

This, therefore, has the effect of increasing the cost of overall Internet usage, especially when it comes to broadband. In 2007 Africa had about 1,000,000 broadband subscribers overall, most of them being companies and institutions. Additionally In most countries (especially in sub-Saharan Africa), a large portion of the population is sparsely distributed over wide areas, which makes it difficult to solve the last mile problem in other words, connecting the end user. But, while Africa's telecommunication market is relatively poor, it is also the fastest growing one in the world and hence the roll-out in Africa of My Jobs from the Soangroup.

Africa growing its communications capabilities swiftly

In terms of growth, the mobile telephony market is emerging as the leader. Between 2004 and 2007 it grew three times faster than the world's average. Because of this mobile telephony services in the form of GSM, 2.5G and 3G devices are becoming increasingly available even in rural areas. At the same time, many countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Malawi and Kenya, have virtually full GSM coverage of rural settlements. The success of mobile telephony over fixed lines in Africa suggests that BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) technologies such as WiMAX could be taken into account for what concerns data communication. Moreover, there is growing experimentation and broadband access is already being carried on in projects like Horizon Wireless in Nigeria and Digital Village Scheme in Kenya. MTN Rwanda is already providing BWA to its customers in Kigali.

Simultaneously, a number of countries are involved in projects that aim at providing Africa with a fibre optics backbone connection to the Internet. TEAMs, EASSy and SEACOM are projects for a submarine cable connection in the Indian Ocean. These initiatives will serve East African countries. Those projects are forging ahead to be able to provide service in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup due to be held in South Africa.

Recruitment agencies

We provide recruitment agencies with an impressive range of CVs on our database, a database which is growing daily. We provide unique and simple-to-use recruitment tools, a quick and easy candidate search system, an adequate online candidate screening facility and the ability to maintain and manage their own talent pool of professional job seekers. Add to this an extensive awareness campaign targeting professionals and it becomes crystal clear why My Jobs In Kenya is the ideal recruitment solution.


Corporates can advertise and market their vacancies to an impressive and professional range of employees. Again, this is a database which is growing daily. We provide corporates with access to a unique and simple to use e-recruitment tool set, the right employee delivered right to the inbox, an adaptable online candidate screening facility and the ability to create their own talent pool of potential employees. Add to that an extensive awareness campaign targeting professionals and it becomes clear why My Jobs is rapidly becoming the e-recruitment portal of choice for corporates.

Job seekers

Job seekers have access to a fast-growing database of available jobs and can register their CVs on My Jobs in Kenya for free. By doing this they are assured that their CV will be viewed by a growing pool of potential recruiters. We offer job seekers a quick and simple registration process, extensive search facility, the ability to receive their ideal job directly in their inbox, and exposure to top companies in Kenya. With all this on offer, it is no surprise that My Jobs in Kenya is emerging as the preferred online career partner.


My Jobs provides an easy, innovative superior and world-class online e-recruitment service. We partner with leading technology vendors to ensure our online environment and infrastructure remains cutting edge. We aim to make it possible for corporates to find the right employee for their business and for recruitment agents to find the best possible candidate for the job, anywhere, anytime. My Jobs is also engineered to make it simpler and safer for job seekers to find their ideal job - and further their career.


We strive to deliver our service with pride, honesty, integrity and passion. Its what makes us professionals in this industry. We have the experience, the expertise and the enthusiasm to help corporates find the right employees, recruitment agents to find the right candidates and job seekers to find the right job.

One-time job advertising

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